Greg Hinnant Ministries - Helping Prepare the Way of the Lord.Greg Hinnant Ministries - Helping Prepare the Way of the Lord.
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Water from the Rock

THIRSTY? Parched for fresh, flowing biblical insights that will revive your trial-weary heart? Here's some spiritual water for you...

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          Welcome! Our motto, "Helping prepare the way of the Lord," expresses our primary purpose, prayer, and passion:  to do everything we can to help the body of Christ become "a people prepared for the Lord" (Luke 1:17).

          Please look over our site and its resources, especially Greg's: (1) newest book, Water from the Rock, described above, and it's companion devotionals, Sweeter than Honey and Not by Bread Alone; (2) Weekly Audio message excerpt, accessed above; (3) Weekly Letter page, with its devotional messages; and (4) audio message, "The Importance of Giving Thanks," available on our CDs page.   


           And don't forget to follow Greg on Facebook - see the link and postings below!


           ALSO, COMING SOON - Greg's newest book, scheduled to be in print in October 2015, PhilippianNotes: An Inspirational Commentary on Paul's Epistle to the Philippians (Creation House Publishers).


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Greg Hinnant Ministries - Helping Prepare the Way of the Lord.
the Way of
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